What to get your husband for Christmas

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Sometimes it can be hard to know what to get your partner for Christmas. Last year, I thought that I had exhausted all of the options when I came up with a pretty brilliant idea even if I say so myself. My husband is seriously into BDSM, so when he was away on business, I arranged for the builders to come in, and build him a dungeon in our basement. My London escorts friends thought that I was mad, and today, coming up to another Christmas, it is still the talk of the town at the London escorts service that I work for.

The only problem I have now, is how I top this. Sure, my husband loves his dungeons and when I come home from London escorts, we still have a lot of fun in our dungeon. But, this year I need to find him a Christmas present as well but I don’t know if I am going to be able to top the dungeon. It as after a rather special present, and some of the gents I date at London escorts, still have a hard time believing what I did.

The thing with Christmas gifts is that they don’t need to be a physical object. This year I have worked my stockings off at London escorts, so I thought that I should treat us to a special present, something for both of us. A couple of my friends at London escorts have always talked about how much they enjoy hedonistic holidays in Jamaica. I have never been myself, but this year, I thought that I should treat to a little holiday in Jamaica.

Not only should a holiday in Jamaica at Hedonism II open up some new pleasures for us, but we should have some fun while getting some great tans. I should be able to return to London escorts looking all bronzed and feeling on top of the world. I think that I deserve a little treat after having worked hard all year. It is not only be who have been working hard at my sexy London escorts agency. My husband has worked hard as well, and I do think that he deserves a sunshine break to get away from a grey London.

From what I understand from my friends at London escorts, Hedonism II is that kind of holiday resort you can get really wrapped up in. A lot of the girls at the escort agency in London I work for, go back year after year. The girls like to enjoy the best of the best and I know they like to have fun at the same time. Maybe this is the start of something new and allows us to add a little bit more excitement to our lives. Just going to check out some flights, and if I have enough cash in the bank, I may even treat us to some business flights. Nothing could be better than sipping champagne on your way to Jamaica to enjoy a naughty and romantic holiday with your husband.

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