They say that brunette is the new blonde.


It seems that all the men are looking for a hot brunette instead of a hot blonde.I do wonder what is going on. Are allthe blondes in Dartford rushing out to have their hair dyed, so they can become brunettes? Or are they just going back to their natural hair color? One thing is for certain, if you arelooking for hot brunette escorts in Dartford, you may have to book early.

Booking early

There are only so many brunette Dartford escorts of to go around, so if you are looking for a hot brunette in London, you should not take your chances. Many of the top agencies are now trying to find more brunettes, but this is proving easier said than done.When you look at the booking schedules of brunette escorts, you will see that they are really booked up.

So, if you are traveling to Dartford and you want to book hot brunette Dartford escorts, you should book early.

Why are they so hot?

Why are brunettes so hot at the moment?It must all have started some time ago, but right now the trend forgirls with brown hair is really noticeable. There are certainly a lot of popular actresses with brunette hair, so perhaps the trend started in United States and moved onto the UK.

The trend of booking brunette Dartford escorts set to continue, and blondes may have to wait for their time to comeback again. That being said, there are still many gentlemen who do prefer blondes, and most agencies do have a list of many lovely light colored girls on their books.

Where to stay in Dartford

Dartford escorts services are available all over Dartford so you don’t need to worry about whereto stay. There is some excellent accommodation in Dartford, but don’t tell them that you are there to date hot brunettes. Not all of the hotels are happy that you entertain your young ladies in your room. If you can try to find some escorts that can date you on an incall basis. An incall simply means that you go and visit the girl of your dreams in her boudoir, that is not a bad idea is it?

However, some of the larger hotels may not notice that you slip in a hot vixen into your room for some VIP treatment, but you had better be a little bit quite when you enjoy here company. We don’t want any guests to complain that they can hear howling from your room now, do we?

Dartford escorts have a lot of different services, and before you arrange a date, you should run through all the different options with the girls on the front desk of the agency. Sometimes, some of the ladies have secret services which are not listed.

Just remember, if you are traveling to Dartford and want to date a hot brunette, book early so that you arenot disappointed. There are only so many brunettes in Dartford.

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