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If you can tell a lot about a book (or its reader) by that book’s cover, then most women want to be romantically involved with male models who don’t own shirts. Fortunately for those who don’t actually look like that Fabio dude, that’s not the case. However, they do seem to expect us to psychically know how they want us to act, dress, and behave in order to be their dream man. Or at least a prospective date according to Rochester Escorts from


We guys know what we find attractive enough about a woman to be willing to play the dating game. The ladies seem a little more vague. Sure, they’ll tell you in surveys that they’re drawn to “good listeners” with “great personalities”. But it can be hard to make the case that you’re that man in just a couple of minutes against the backdrop of a noisy bar or the distractions of a crowded party.


There was a time when I had to compete against all of that to put myself out there. Then I became fluent in a kind of language that really draws the ladies in; body language. It seems hard to believe, but the best looking dude in the world could well be a very lonely man if he’s lacking in confidence. The ladies will admire him like a painting and move on.


And if one is lacking an overabundance of self-worth, how does he acquire it? By reading a book? Actually, yes, and that book would be The Ultimate Body Language Guide For Men by Max Nachamkin. Brother Max kind of looks like the guy who gets stuffed into a school locker, and as he explains in his book, in high school, he was indeed a “127 pound nerd”. So how did he transform himself into a confident, attractive man who not only acquired the skills to navigate a variety of social mazes but career ones as well?


Within the pages of the Body Language Guide, Nachamkin shares the seven step “core program” that helped him gain confidence and poise that in turn led to greater respect, new friendships, and yes, romantic relationships that worked.


“You’re the man, Max!” you think, but how do his methods work for others? This guide lays out the concept of body language, why it both attracts and repels, what it says about you, and how to use it to your advantage in a variety of scenarios, with text and video exercises.


No one likes a phony. And the guide’s purpose is not to teach more effective pick-up lines, but to help you become an individual who is worth while and knows it. There are a lot of “self improvement” guides out there. But this is one that helps you enhance what you already have in a positive way, and is definitely worth checking out.

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