Tell me, do you like to do blondes, brunettes or red heads?


I love dating blondes but I know that gentlemen have different preferences. Over the last few months I have been dating a lot of Edgware escorts, and they are just amazing. If, you are a gentlemen who like dating lots of different hair colors, I would recommend that you come to Edgware and check out Edgware escorts agencies. I know that there are escorts with different hair colors all over London, but only Edgware escorts seem to have such a wild selection.

I have checked a lot of different agencies over the years, but I have only found such a good selection at Edgware escorts agencies at There are brunettes, the coolest blondes and the hottest red heads. One thing all the girls, I have met here have in common, is their sexiness – they are just so sexy.


Nini is a Japanese escort that I have been visiting for the last couple of months. I have always had a passion for the exotic, and let me tell you that they don’t come and more exotic than our Nini. Most Japanese girls don’t have very big boobs but Nini breaks all the rules. She has the most amazing boobs on a very small frame and sometimes I am worried that they might pull her over. One thing is for certain, she would never land on her face!

Edgware escorts are a bit more expensive than services in other parts of London, but let me tell you that they are worth every penny you spend on them. Take our Nini, she can give the most amazing massages that can you give the most erotic dreams. Once you meet and arrange a date with her, you will appreciate she is one little hot Japanese fortune cookie to play with if you dare.

Lou Lou

Lou Lou is from France, and I have been dating her for just over a year now. As a matter of fact, we celebrated our anniversary the other week with a very special evening of teasing and pleasing in her flat. She got me so wild that in the end she had to put me in the shower to cool off a little bit before we could resume play so to speak.

I love being teased and Lou Lou is really good at it, she teases me like crazy and when I think it is all over, it starts again. She is just one of those girls who can do that to you. Did I mention that she is really good at toe sucking and I would say that this is an art that she has mastered.

Whatever you are looking for can be found in Edgware, London. You may be looking for excitement, pleasure or pain but ultimately you are looking for your own brand of satisfaction. I have found everything that I need just right here on my doorstep. Let me reassure you – whatever you are looking for can be found in Edgware.

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