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Among my dearest customers from Romford Escorts of has sent me many e-mails with this request – Can you get me a date with a George Clooney Look a like? I hate to state no, but exactly what’s my choice truly? I do not know the guy. I know WHO HE IS, however I do not know him.

But what about that six degrees of separation thing that developed that film including lots of great stars and Kevin Bacon in specific. In truth – didn’t a game released that name – 6 Degrees to Kevin Bacon? The concept is that you are simply six people away from anyone you want to meet, if you utilize your network well. We all know around 250 people, so if you do the math, you can get connected to Kevin, or George in this case, with just six connections.

So where am I opting for this? Well, this previous weekend, a really wealthy woman visit my site. In her 60’s and still spectacular, she wore a St. John’s match, her hair was perfectly coiffed, and she was decked out with fantastic accent fashion jewelry. (I always see the gems) Completely created. Very Jackie O.

After we chatted she called me, and ask me how she might meet eligible males her age with “means” who were healthy, active and not searching for a “nurse and a purse.” That gave me rather a laugh because I had actually never ever heard that expression – undoubtedly I don’t travel in the “ideal circles.” Not that age bracket, not that savings account either – Boca Raton and the Hamptons.

Now let’s think about that – she’s asking me where the men of means are -however she’s the one traveling in “those” circles. Or maybe not. Exactly what’s awry here is that she’s not out there any more. As we grow older, often our circles get smaller sized. She admitted this was regretfully real.

To combat the natural social attrition, you need to reach out and Meet brand-new individuals. I recommended that she play bridge, volunteer where other wealthy females do (museums, art galleries, politics?) and meet brand-new sweethearts if absolutely nothing else. Go to polo matches, boat shows, or golf competitions.

Abundant or bad, the procedure is practically the exact same. As I wrote in a current blog posting, a pal of mine went to a very upper crust socialite wedding of two rich people who meet. Yes, it actually occurred!

So if you are trying to find an individual of means, you’ll need to begin traveling in those circles. Go to expensive restaurants and sit alone at the bar. Volunteer for socialite causes. Take part in political fund raisers. Go where they go and hang out. Meet their pals. Expand your world. That’s true for whatever kind of individual you may want in any income bracket. The mingling price and addresses may be various, however the process is constantly the very same.

Good luck out there!

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