North London Escorts formed an Organization themselves to invest their money


Somewhere in Bangladesh, I lived, and we all know life there isn’t easy at all. We have a small store on the street, and I was the one looking for it since my mother was busy washing clothes to other and my father was a shoe repair. All my life I never went to school since my parents won’t allow me. My neighbor friends were busy studying while I am watching our store. I am envy to my friends because they had known the feeling of being a student. I have seen them every day. The location of our store is near at the school; kids are all enjoying, and some are playing. I thought that moment it is where I should be. All kids deserve to go to school and play at a young age. Sometimes, I open a topic to my parents regarding the school, but I get nothing in return. I have accepted this life and realized that my dreams wouldn’t ever lead me to something great. I spent every night crying and sometimes read books given by or neighbor. I haven’t tasted any new clothes or shoes. All are giveaways from other people. My parents were brutal and strict. I never feel any love from there. Sometimes, I thought to run away home. But I don’t know where to go. One day, while watching our store, I have fallen asleep because of too much work and too tired. I didn’t notice the thief, and he stole all the money. When I went home, my parents help each other to beat me and say different bad things to me. I know myself i can’t take it anymore, they have just used me all of my life. I was eight years old when I ran away home. I became a street child and isn’t easy. I am starving and sleep everywhere. One time, a couple approach me, they were white people and had good looks. They gave me foods and stare at me while eating. They have interviewed me and knew my history. After that, they asked if I want to go to London since I have no family to take care, I said “YES.” We flew to London, and they treat me like their daughter. They have no child, and I was lucky. They were old when they adopted me; my life was good than before. I feel the real love with them and blessed. Our business was down because dad was sick. His diagnosed was cancer, and I have to help mom to raise money. I was twenty-five years old at that moment. I have asked my college friends, but they were in need. One of my friends told me if I’m interested in becoming North London Escort from, it would be beneficial to me. I have automatically said yes since I need money. We went to north London, and I have given a welcome party. They also love me and give me tips about handling clients. I have my first client with me, and he was very kind to provide me when he knows my story. I have helped mom to supply day to day medicine and for the bill of the hospital.

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