My girlfriend turned out to be a webcam model

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When I first met Sara, I thought that she was going to be one of these girls who was really sweet and innocent. She seemed like n old fashioned girl from next door to me , but I soon found out there Sara had a hidden depth. Not only was she smart, but she worked for one of London’s leading escort agencies, When she told me she worked for Woodford escorts in I was a bit surprised.

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However, working for Woodford escorts was not the only trick Sara had up her sleeve. It turned she knew exactly how to make the most out of the stunning looks of hers, and when she was not working for the escort agency in Woodford, she was busy running her own webcam model. I had never met a girl like her, but sadly I soon realised Sara was not the sort of girl my family would easily accept.

Did I have a problem with Sara being a web cam model? I did not have a problem at all with Sara being a web cam model, but I must admit that I was a little bit less happy about the fact that Sara worked for Woodford escorts. Some guys would probably be happy to have a girlfriend who worked for an escort agency, but I was a little bit hung up about it. I guess that many of the girls who worked for Woodford escorts must have thought that I as a bit weird, and wondered why I hung out with Sara in the first place.

Apart from Sara being a web model and escort, our relationship was just fine. I had a lovely time going out with Sara, and when she was not on duty at Woodford escorts during the weekend, we always spent a lot of time together. But I never took Sara home to meet my mum. That worried me a great deal, and I thought that Sara may let it sleep that she worked for an escort agency. My mum would not have been to happy about that at all, but I don’t think that it would have bothered my dear old dad. It may even have added a little bit of excitement to his life

Although I loved spending time with Sara, I soon realised that the relationship was not going to go anywhere. Sadly Sara and I split up and before I knew it, she had moved away from the area. I kept in touch with some of the other girls at Woodford escorts, but I did not allow myself to fall in love again. Being friends with a group of escorts is totally different from being involved with one girl. I don’t know what the future has in store for me, but I don’t think that it will involve an escort girlfriend. Although all of the escorts that I know are stunning, I just think that dating them as permanent girlfriends is for me at all. One day, I am pretty sure that I will meet the right girl, but she is not very likely to be an escort. After all, I have to think about my mom and her feelings.

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