Life According to a Mature London Escort

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I split up with my husband when I was 30 years, and I just wanted to get away from the little Cornish village we lived in at the time. It felt like all eyes were on me, and I was being blamed for the breakup of our marriage. What was the truth? Well, we were both to blame. I was done being a frustrated housewife, and I guess it had not helped that I had been caught stripping for extra money in Truro. But, my husband had not been blameless. Despite all of that, I decided to move on quickly, packed my bags for London, and before I joined London escorts, I worked as a stripper in Soho. The money was pretty good, but I felt that I needed to kick my life up a gear.

It was not going to be easy to find a job which suited me. Out of sheer fluke, I bumped into this guy who said that he owned a London escorts service. He was desperate for mature London escorts as there were a lot of clients who wanted to book mature companionship for the night, and asked me if I wanted to help him out by doing a couple of shifts. My friends back in Cornwall would probably have died if I had told that I worked for a London escorts service. For some reason men begin to flock to me. It was clear that many of them were desperate to date mature London escorts.

I soon realised most men who used our London escorts service were desperately lonely and said. Yes, they had their quirks and fetishes, but none of that bothered me. It did not take me very long to realise that those quirks and fetishes are there to fulfill some kind of need. Not only that, but I also think they are plasters on other things that we may be missing out of life. I feel it is with these gents mature London escorts can really make a difference. We appreciate that there are some parts of life that we have not explored. Just look at me, who in their right mind would leave their comfy domestic life to become a stripper in London. To think that the same person would then go on to join a London escorts service is just insane. But I am living proof that it does happen, and working for the escort agency in London, has given me many things to think about on my way home.

Do I miss Cornwall? I do at times, but I have learned to appreciate this side of life. In all honesty, I really don’t think that I was cut out to a life of so called domestic bliss. So far I have done well working for London escorts and I have even got my own place in Richmond. How long I am going to stay working as an escort, I really don’t know, but so far so good. Also, I have met some nice men, and I am experiencing a sense of freedom which I never thought would be possible. Am I proud of what I have achieved? Yes, I am and I think that many mature ladies would make excellent mature London escorts.

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