I prefer my gay men friends when I am not escorting

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When I am not busy escorting for Barns escorts in https://charlotteaction.org/barnes-escorts, I really do like to spend time with my gay friends. Not all of my male friends are strictly gay. Many of them are bisexual as well, and when you are a girl like me, that comes in rather handy. When I first started to work for the escort agency in Barnes, I was mainly into dating heterosexual guys. That has all changed, and now most of my male friends are either gay or bisexual.


The girls at Barnes escorts are rather surprised that I have so many gay male friends. They presumed that many of my friends were male escorts to start with but actually none of them work as male escorts in London. Most of them are very ordinary guys, and have regular jobs in London. The truth is that I really enjoy hanging around gay men. They are much less hung up about me being an escort, and I don’t feel like I have to keep explaining things to them.


Is a girl’s best friend a gay man? Recently I have started to wonder if a girl’s best friend is a gay man. It sounds a bit funny, but I honestly think that most women do actually have more in common with gay men than other women. None of my gay friends are bitchy at all. I am sure that many of the girls I work with at Barnes escorts would like to be friends with me, but the truth is that I find them all too bitchy.


Who would you rather go shopping with one a day out? I have tried going shopping with some of the girls from Barnes escorts, but the truth is that I have not enjoyed it as much as going shopping with my gay male friends. A day out with a gay guy is just a a lot of fun, and productive as well. I find it so much easier to shop with my gay friends than I do shopping with girls. Most gay men that I know have a fantastic fashion sense, and I guess that all women really do appreciate that.

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If I had to choose between spending time with a gay guy and a lesbian woman, I think that my  male gay friends would win hands down. Recently I have even started to go to the spa with some of my male gay friends. We have such a good giggle, and I have noticed that many of the women around us, do seem to look at us with a touch of envy in their eyes. Perhaps they think that I am a little bit weird, but I really do think that you can have so much fun with a gale male in your life. Now tell me, do you have a gay male friend that you would like to spend time with? If you don’t, perhaps you are dreaming of having one. I know that many women really do dream about having a male gay friend.



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