I booked cheap London escort once a year but turned out to be every day of my life, and she is my wife


Marriage is one of the most awaited events in a year, where all your friends, family and relatives wish us to settle down with someone. Well, this is not the typical relationship, this is tougher, and you are now entitled to handle greater responsibility and a strong commitment. Marriage should not be rush and just because you love the person, doesn’t mean both of you deserve to get married right away, well, no. We heard many broken marriages because of couples who choose to rush it, and not yet ready to see the real world, the chaos, and weight. Couples who do not know how to wait to ripen the fruit or let’s say marrying not at the perfect time always end up terribly. You have to know your each other first before you go on with that decision, one year, two years in a relationship is not a basis you need to settle down, you decide it when you already know, you are fully mature, financially stable and can raise a family without anyone’s help. One of the primary cause of marriage fights is financial; we know how important money, and it can destroy a relationship. So before you, go into a deeper relationship try to evaluate and balance your life. Do not feel pressured by your peers, family, remember that it is your life, and one mistake you will suffer in it.


I want to have a whole and happy family; my life is disaster and boring. Growing up with a broken family is hard, you have to adjust yourself since everyone is busy. I have still got the chance to feel having a complete life for a little time; I can even recall how happy we are as a family, my parents always treats us to picnic, eating at the restaurants, watching movies, etc. I was so happy back then until they fight almost every day of their lives, I heard them screaming, moms cry, and the worsts is when dad beats mom. She got lots of bruises at that time, and then they both decide to get divorced. We obtained information about he has a mistress that time but mom just shut it up. After that our lives slowly change, my mom work every day, almost twenty-four seven, my siblings also busy with their different engagements, so I have to deal with my life alone. Experiencing pain and depression at a young age is tough, and so I have fought it every day.


Years of sufferings, I am a grown-up man and finished studies. I graduated from college and worked for three years then suddenly resigned. I build my own company and slowly grow it. I go to London and book myself a cheap London escort of https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts since it is affordable yet still got high quality of women. For the first time I am attracted to her, and stare her over the night. She is so perfect for me, and I am amazed by her. So, I courted her for a month, and we both easily develop having the same values and attitude. Our relationship is smooth,  and I am ready to marry her. Until we get married, and her service is mine forever.

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