He turns me on like no one else

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Girls like me are often asked if we have a special gentleman in our lives. Sure, there are some guys you meet who are different than others. One of the gents who come to see me often for a petite action in London, has become special to me. He turns me on like mad, and as I like to stand there and just look at him sometimes. To be honest, he is that kind of guy that you would like to tie up to your bed and just admire. As far as I know, he does not meet any other petite escorts in London.

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Not only does he have the most amazing body, but he has a nice personality as well. When ever he comes around, he likes to bring me flowers and something nice to drink. The last time he came to see me, we shared a bottle of brut Champagne and he gave the most beautiful roses. It was so nice and I tweeted the photos of his wonderful roses to my friends. Do they know that I run a petite escorts service? No they don’t and I keep that to myself.

Sometimes when I have not seen my favorite man for a while, I find myself dreaming about him. As a matter of fact, it was a week since he last visited me at petite escorts. I know that he has been away on a business trip, so I can understand why he has not been around. But that does not help me, this morning I woke up thinking about him, and I found that I was soaking wet. I could not help myself but to take out my rabbit and have a little play. There is nothing like a rabbit to keep a girl happy.

Should you have a favorite gentleman when you work for an escort service? There are some other girls who say that you should not as you may miss him if he leaves you. I am not too worried about him leaving me as there are not many petite escorts in London, but it is still in the back of my mind. What if he did not all of a sudden come back? I think that would make me really upset me, and I would miss the guy.

I love working for a petite escorts service, but if my gent asked me to leave, I would do so tomorrow. Would I leave for any other guy? No, I would certainly leave for any other guy. This man is special and he is the only man I would give up my job for. Sure, I have met other guys that I like , but no one has made me feel like this guy does. Yes, it is nice to be able to look at a handsome man, and at the same time, it is important that he has a nice personality. That is the trick these days, you need to be able to find the right guy who turns you on in more than one way.

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