Finding out about Bellingham escorts is easy

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If you are that sort of guy who would like to date a sophisticated and posh escort, you should really look me up. My name is Sophia and I work for Bellingham escorts of I know that there are certain types if guys out there who prefer a bit more sophisticated company, and I am more than happy to provide that. But, at the same time, I like to be a bit naughty, however, I have the funny feeling that you would like me to be naughty and nice at the same time. If, you are my kind of guy, why don’t you give me a call?

Finding out about Bellingham escorts is easy. We have a lovely web site where you can easily find the girl of your choice. It all depends on what your pleasure is, all of the girls who work for the agency like to specialize and we have many exciting adventures that we can take you on. All you need to do, is to pick up that phone and tell our well trained receptionist what you are in the mood for. If it is something that we can help you with, she will go ahead and arrange a date.

A lot our guys like to take us out for dinner. Many of our dates are actually well to do business men, and that means that we are used to entertaining. It is said that nobody dines like Bellingham escorts, and that is probably true. We are so lucky, our guys really like to spoil us and they always take us to the best restaurants around Bellingham. We are spoiled girls, our guys like to buy us fine wines and even finer champagne. As we are also good girls, we don’t like any of that champagne go to waste, so we do finish our champers.

As our guys our so good to us, we like to treat them right in return. It is a bit of secret code of Bellingham escorts, but when we have enjoyed a nice meal, we always like to treat to dessert. You can almost say that all of the girls who work for the agency are dessert specialists and we like to serve up only the best desserts. Sometimes, we even let our guys decide what kind of dessert that they would like, and we always make sure that it is topped by the best cream.

So, what are you in the mood for tonight? Would you like to go out for a nice meal, or would you like to stay at home? If, you just want to stay at home to have some adult fun behind closed doors, Bellingham escorts enjoy that as well. But, you do need to let us now if you have a hot tub. If, you do we will make sure that we bring our micro kinis so that we can bubble away in your hot tub with you. So, be a good boy, pick up the phone but don’t forget to put the champagne on ice…

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