Pregnancy can still occur even after taking precautionary measures. It could be human error or a contraception malfunction. Even when you are married, you may not be ready for this, and it can be a source of stress. The stress can result from a number of factors such as if you are old or have many children. The baby can also interrupt other projects, career and make life harder for the husband and wife. Unwanted pregnancies further results in mental health issues and adds to the expenditure of the home.

Thankfully, there are natural answers to the question of an unwanted pregnancy. There are plants and herbs which have been used for centuries as contraceptives. They are a safe option to preventing pregnancy since they pose minimal health risk. Some of these include:

1. Parsley or Ajamoda

This is an effective herb that is readily available. It works best when used as herbal tea. It is both mild and has no side effects.

2. Cotton Root Bark

This works by stimulating the release of oxytocin hormone which helps to prevent pregnancy. The hormone normally causes child-birth which is how it stops you from being pregnant. You can boil it with water or tea and take twice in a day for it to work.

3. Angelica

This is a herb that goes by the name Choraa or Dong Quai. It is another great way to prevent pregnancy through stimulating uterine contractions. It works if taken within two weeks after your last sexual encounter.

4. Indian Wormwood or Mugwort

Dried Mugwort can be used in tea in order to prevent pregnancy but an overdose can cause renal malfunction. It is particularly not good for those with kidney problems.

5. Spearmint or Pennyroyal

This is an age-old remedy for unwanted pregnancy. It is also consumed through adding its dried bits to tea. The best way is to start with a small dosage so as not to experience its side effects. You also require medical advice before its consumption to prevent poisoning yourself.

6. Blue and Black Cohosh

This herb also motivates the release of oxytocin, and you consume through brewing it in the tea which you can take up to four times in a day. You however need a doctor to recommend how you should take it.
These two are effective at preventing unwanted pregnancy. In addition, the black cohosh causes uterine contractions.

7. Dried Apricots

This plant prevents conception in some instances but should not be used once you fall pregnant. It also helps to stop excessive bleeding. You further need to brew it in boiled water with honey.

8. Dried Fig or Anzeer

This is a popular and effective method which requires you to take up to three figs daily. It also helps with blood circulation but can cause stomach complications if you over-consume. It is best taken after sexual intercourse.

There are also other remedies such as papaya, wild carrot seeds, stone-seed root, jack in the pulpit root, thistles, smart weed leaves and wild yams. There are also others in the list but the ones above are the most effective.

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